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The blessed thistle was known as acorna or cnecos in Greco-Roman antiquity; it has been recognized since the dawn of time for its bitter, tonic properties for the liver, digestion and for increasing milk production in new mothers.

• For new mothers, it is THE breastfeeding plant. Significantly increases milk production and helps the body recover after childbirth with its bitterness.

Bitter and digestive tonic that supports and cleanses the liver, facilitates and improves digestion, promotes bile flow , gastric reflux , promotes the regeneration of hepatic cells; intensifies bile secretion, and lowers bad cholesterol; promotes the digestion of lipids.

• Its bitterness helps to restore the appetite of those who no longer have it but can also help in a weight loss program since its intake will help to reduce sugary foods.
Very useful for constipation , irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn's disease.

Increases immunity; gently stimulates lymphatic flow, its sesquiterpene lactones have antibacterial properties.

Blessed thistle tincture

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  • Medicinal: Cnicus Benedictus (blessed thistle) farm fresh leaves 1:2.

    Non-medicinal: alcohol, spring water.

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