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Mediaeval Baebes

La Fée des Bois Apothecary

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Medicinal plant farm and alternative spaces

Ferme Herboristerie La Fée des Bois Apothecary

Our mission is to spread the scientific aspect and the ancestral knowledge of plants as medicine, food and support for daily life.


We offer products made of medicinal plants and ingredients from our farm and the surrounding area. The cultivation is done by hand, from the seeds in the ground to the picking.

Our thematic Collections

Enfant récolte de calendula Herboristerie La Fée des Bois Apothecary
Champ de blé

Social responsibility and sustainable development

Our world has rapidly shifted to a global economy, unraveling the fiber of our local societies. This led to an immediate addiction to  the frequent consumption of disposable goods shipped from all corners of the earth. The place of production depends on who can produce goods at the lowest cost, which can often mean the least regulation and the weakest labor and environmental laws, not to mention the impact of transportation on the environment, ecology and plant freshness.

Mortier pour herbes médicinales

Our method

Cultivation by hand, from seed in the soil to picking.

Herbes médicinales

Our ingredients

Local and ecological ingredients, without GMOs or gluten.

Pot d'herbes médicinales

Our products

Active ingredients from farm plants in every jar and bottle.

Plantes médicinales

Mariane Desjardins Roy

Herbalist Profession

Although herbalism is  the oldest medicine and, even today, the most widespread in the world, it is still unknown. An herbalist is an outstanding plant specialist. She knows them in all their aspects, from identification to growing and harvesting methods. She masters the art of transformation, knowing the active molecules of each plant she uses. The herbalist knows how to use plants to make the most of their active ingredients...

Mariane Desjardins-Roy Herboristerie La Fée des Bois Apothecary

A powerful ally against allergies!

The nutritive and antihistaminic action of nettle tea produces spectacular results in terms of allergies and general energy levels when used consistently.

The farm

We are a medicinal plant farm, an apothecary shop and a learning center for herbalism, food/medicinal self-sufficiency and diverse regenerative agriculture.

Récolte ail Herboristerie La Fée des Bois Apothecary
Fleur de la ferme

Philosophy and Commitment

Products from the farm and local

Handmade culture

All natural products

Without any perfume

Premium ingredients

Without palm oil

Practicing sustainable development

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